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"A beautifully told love story."
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Discussion Questions

1.  Circumstance examines the concept of soulmates, that everyone is destined for one perfect person.  How do you feel about the idea of soulmates?  Do you believe that they exist?  Have you found your true soulmate?  If so, describe the moment you knew you had met your soulmate.

2.  Kristin's favorite quote is one by Robert Frost - "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."  Do you believe that Whitney took the road less traveled?  Why or why not?  What obstacles stood between Amelia and her ability to explore the road less traveled? 

3.  In Circumstance, the engagement ring; letters; and the Victorian held onto energy from the past.  Do you believe that objects are able to hold onto energy?  Do you think that energy could go so far as to bring two people together?

4.  How do you feel about Mark?  Was he insensitive, or did he simply have more to learn about himself and the world?  Do you know anyone like Mark?  If so, what is your relationship like with him or her?

5.  Whitney is forced to overcome some fears during her time at the beach.  What fears do you believe that Whitney overcame, and how do you see her new outlook helping her move forward in life?

6.  How did the limitations placed on women in the 19th century affect Amelia and her life path?  How was Amelia's sadness/loss of self somehow redeemed in Whitney's lifetime?

7.  Do you believe in the supernatural?  To what extent did the supernatural play in bringing Whitney and Andy together, if at all?

8.  What is your opinion about past lives?  Do you believe they exist and why?  If they do exist, can we bring experiences or feelings from our past lives to our present one?

9.  Would you be open to receiving an engagement ring that was purchased at an estate auction?  If so, would you have it blessed or cleansed prior to wearing it?  If it was cleansed, do you believe the residual energy is released from the object, or would it remain?

10. Were you satisfied with the ending to Circumstance?  Why or why not?  Did you hope for a different closure to the story?  Do you see a sequel to this story, and if so what do you envision for the storyline?